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Hi , I created a project in scrapinghub , then i deleted it , then i again created a new project and trying to run the spider , but when i give command "shub deploy" it is going to previous project id and giving error: Deploy failed(404) , Project:non_field_errors .It is showing that deploying to previous ID but current id is different. so suggest the solution.

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Hey Ayushabesit, please try to run shub logout and start over the process, let me know the results.



Hi Pablo ,

I tried with shub logout but same thing is happenning , actually when we to shub logout and then shub login , they ask for API , I entered it but they do not ask for TARGET ID , which they should, so it is taking a random Target ID which doesnot match my Target id that comes in my project url , and throwing error.

That's strange Ayushabesit, thanks for report I'll look into it with my internal team. Meanwhile, have you tried to deploy from a Github repo?

Please take a few minutes to check this new article from Valdir:


Let me know if helps.

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