Markus 3 months ago in Portia • updated by Pablo Vaz (Support Engineer) 3 weeks ago 6

When I try to create a new project and then open it in Portia, I either get an error message saying that "Project 169900 not found" in Portia or a 502 Bad Gateway error message. I can see the project in the scrapinghub dashboard (https://app.scrapinghub.com/p/169900/jobs), but it's failing to open in Portia. The URL to the project in Portia is https://portia.scrapinghub.com/#/projects/169900.

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Hello Markus,

Did you delete the project from the dashboard? I can open the portia link, but the project seems to have been deleted. Is it happening also in other projects?

Actually, the same problem seems to be happening again now when I try to create a new project: https://app.scrapinghub.com/p/170982/jobs

Yes, I tried to delete it. Creating a project seems to be working again, but I still get a lot of intermittent error messages such as this one (this is for a sample I just created when I try to delete it). It very much looks like certain resources are not actually being created in the backend when you set them up through the GUI.

Or this one:

I can open this https://app.scrapinghub.com/p/170982/jobs without any issues. What browser are you using? With any extensions? Have you tried clearing cookies and cache?

Hello! I have the same problem. Neither can't create any new project, no open old one in Portia.