Note: This feature is currently being rolled out and not available to all customers yet.

The Crawlera Weekly Digest is an email sent weekly that summarizes key information of your Crawlera account.

It is useful to get a pulse of your Crawlera account and quickly glance at the most accessed websites, most frequent errors and trending on important metrics such as success rates and response times.

It is sent once a week, on Monday mornings, and consists of multiple sections which are described below.

Enabling the report 

The report is disabled by default, you can enable it by going to the Account Settings → Notifications section and selecting the organizations from which you want to receive the weekly digest. The report will be sent on Monday mornings.

Global success rate & response time

The first section contains an overview of your organization through two important metrics: average success rate and average response time, across all Crawlera users in your organization, including trends from previous week.


This section shows a summary of all the requests done in the past week, broken down by Successful, Banned and Failed, and their trends compared with previous week.

Requests by type

Like the previous section, this section shows the total number of Successful, Banned and Failed requests performed on each day over the past week.

Top Websites

The top websites section shows the most commonly requested websites on each day over the past week.

Top Accounts

Similar to Top Websites, this section shows the Crawlera accounts with the most number of requests in the last week, split by day.

Accounts with the most errors

Lastly, this section displays the Crawlera accounts that received the most error responses on each day over the past week.