⚠️  Note: Only Organization Owners have access to modifying Subscriptions


1. You can always review the subscription later at the Billing Page. Login to your account and go to your organization's dashboard by clicking on the upper right button.

2. Click on Billing from the left menu sidebar:

1. Billing Page shows the active subscriptions and for Crawlera it shows the stats as to how many requests made till date and % of usage. 

2. To modify subscriptions, add/modify or cancel any subscription and scroll down to summary at the bottom of the page and confirm to apply the changes. 

3. To Edit Billing Information, click on EDIT next to Billing Information (right-hand side panel).


4. Here update the Billing Address and click on Update. 

Note: Changes to Billing address would appear from the next invoice. Existing Invoices would continue to have older Billing address. 

5. To edit or add new Payment Methods, click on UPDATE next to Payment Method (right-hand side panel).

6. Due to the modification of Addons (Downgrades, cancellations), if any credit notes are available in the account, those would be displayed in the Billing Page under the Payment method panel as below:

Please note that all the changes to the subscription are immediate. 

For any queries related to billing please contact Support.