You can change your subscription to two levels up or two levels down from your current Crawlera plan depending on which plan you are currently subscribed to.

When you are on a higher plan like C100 and above, direct downgrade to C10 will not be be available. You would need to downgrade to lowest available C plan that is presented to you, and then subsequently downgrade to C10. This might create multiple credit notes, but the outcome would be the same. The additional step is to avoid any potential negative impact to your currently running jobs. We recommend that you revisit your usage data before downgrading to the lowest plan as the limits would be reduced to the lower plan and may result in suspension of account.

If you are on a C100 plan, you would see the options below.  You would have to downgrade to the lowest C plan first, which is C50 in this particular case.

After you downgrade to C50,  you will see the option to downgrade to C10.

We do not recommend drastic downgrades of plans as this would have an impact on the monthly requests and concurrency limits and may affect current running jobs.