To enable Crawlera in your Scrapy Cloud project, you can use this addon. To enable it, go to your project, and on the left panel select Addons Setup (under ADDONS):

Then click on Enable on the Crawlera addon:

The addon will appear under your Enabled Addons where you can configure its settings listed below.


CRAWLERA_URLproxy URL (default:
CRAWLERA_ENABLEDtick the checkbox to enable Crawlera
CRAWLERA_MAXBANSnumber of consecutive bans (503s) to ignore before closing the spider (default: 20)
CRAWLERA_DOWNLOAD_TIMEOUTtimeout for requests (default: 190)

NOTE #1: To enable Crawlera using the scrapy-crawlera middleware, please see: Using Crawlera with Scrapy.

NOTE #2: If your project is deployed with a custom Docker image, the ADDONS section will not be displayed. In this case Crawlera is enabled in the spider, via the middleware and file.