Portia can search all links in a domain searching for some items, but this can be not efficient and sometimes not adequate for our purposes. 

Sometimes you need to extract data from a page which loads more items after you press "Next" or "More" buttons (in the same category for example).

Suppose the URL of the site is: http://www.example.com/category1

Set it as starting page.

After you click "Next" button, the URL changes to http://www.example.com/category1?page=2

So you can set a follow link pattern as shown in:

How do you extract data from a list of URLs?

Basically in this approach you need to go to Configure URL patterns > Follow links that match these patterns >

and write


Portia will start to search and extract data from all the results of the category provided and avoids the spider to search for the entire site or even extract items in other categories we are not interested in.