Portia is free to use and lets you scrape websites without any programming knowledge. Portia is completely open source and you can check out the portia github repository to learn about this product. 

It was designed to be a quick and efficient scraper for beginners,. It provides a friendly interface for medium sized projects and a good crawling experience for educational and research purposes. 

Common Issues

Portia is a light weight crawler that is offered completely free, and it doesn't have the robust features that our paid products offer to work around common problems with crawling. You may experience blockages, bans and errors that are most often related to the specific site that you are trying to crawl. Some target sites required complex features and scripts that are to be found in Scrapy Cloud or Crawlera.

Another determining factor that can cause common errors is to stretch the limits of Portia for larger projects that are critical in nature for your business. While you are welcome to use Portia for your commercial crawling, excessive reliance on Portia for larger projects ends up pushing Portia beyond the limits of its design. This could result in unexpected application error or behavior. We do not plan to scale Portia for the needs of a larger crawling. The intent of Portia is to provide a gateway into crawling for beginners and trial users. 

Some other issues are common bugs, for which our developers and QA engineers work hard trying to provide a high quality and stable product. As you know, Portia interacts with other back-end resources that are constantly updated and tested as well.

But Portia is important to my business, what can I do?

Some errors require personalized attention that often goes beyond support we can provide and might require our professional services (PS) to work with you closely to get the results. In these cases, our best experts can provide the development of crawlers that fit your needs, deliver data on-time and save your time, energy and resources.  If you are interested in hearing what we can offer, please request free quote from:

I just want to report an issue, I really like Portia!

When you find a bug or backend problem, do not hesitate to report it in our community forum.

Our support team and developers are always attentive to your feedback and we encourage expert users to actively contribute to helping other Portia users in our community.

To summarize, Portia may not be the right tool for your professional crawling needs. We encourage you to check out Scrapy Cloud and Crawlera for larger and business critical projects. We hope Portia inspires you to get started with Crawling, and when it doesn't, please consider developing your spiders using Scrapy Cloud or Crawlera, or request assistance from our Professional Services.