Before you create your first project or Crawlera account, you will need to create an organization. An organization represents a group of users collaborating on one or more projects, or owning Crawlera accounts.

You will be prompted to create an organization when you join Scrapinghub, and you can create more organizations by going to the organization switcher (at the top right) and clicking "Create organization".

Billing is done per organization, so if you are using a paid account you will receive a separate invoice for each organization you own. You can invite users to your organization projects without them belonging to the organization. If you need other people to be able to create projects under your organization, you can add them as a Member:

If you want to upgrade to a paid account, you can do so on your organization’s billing page.

Crawlera accounts are linked to organizations rather than users. When signing up for Crawlera your user will be linked to your organization. If you wish to move a Crawlera user to a different organization, please contact support.