Portia provides two indicators about the data that is being extracted: the colorful counts next to each annotation on the left panel and the Extracted Items panel to the right of the browser view. The annotation counts reflect the number of elements that have been clicked on by the user (the number of highlighted elements in the page). The extracted items panel, on the other hand, shows exactly which data Portia would extract from the page.


Annotation Count ≠ Extracted Items count

If the webpage contains a list of items and the user uses the repeated annotations icon, the annotations will propagate and reflect the number of items present in the page. However, it may happen that the algorithm responsible for data extraction is unable to use the annotations provided by the user to properly extract data, thus extracting a number of items different from the count next to the annotations. For example, on the image above, we have one annotation with count equal to 10, hinting that we are extracting 10 items from the page. However, the Extracted Items count shows that 0 items were extracted. This means that our annotations haven't worked with Portia's algorithm, so we may have to try updating our annotations to get the data from alternative elements.