Crawlera accounts are usually suspended if a customer has reached the Monthly requests limit allowed on their plan, before end of the billing cycle. Customers are notified when the request limit reaches 80% of the monthly quota, and suspended when they exceed it.

The Crawlera usage can also be monitored at the top of Crawlera section of the Scrapinghub dashboard:

The limits for each plan are available in the Crawlera page.

If your account has been suspended, you will have to purchase a plan higher than the one you are currently on. Although the billing page will allow you to choose a smaller plan or same as the one you are currently on, this will not reactivate the Crawlera account.

Alternatively, you may choose to not reactivate the account for the current billing period. In that case, the Crawlera account with the current plan will be reactivated automatically at the start of your next billing cycle.

Note: after the account suspension Crawlera will start returning 403 errors. On a Scrapy Cloud job's Stats tab this will be registered as follows: