In Basic and Advanced plans, Crawlera discards cookies to protect customer privacy and optimize performance to the crawlera sites, because cookies are often used as a detection mechanism by Antibot systems.

In Enterprise and the legacy plans (C10, C50, C100, C200) it works as follows:

Crawlera manages cookies for you by default and retains them for up to 15 minutes since the last request. Crawlera keeps separate groups of cookies per outgoing node, and as a result consecutive requests will almost always have different cookies so, if you need to use cookies for things like authentication, then you will want to manage them yourself.

To store and manage cookies yourself you will need to disable Crawlera cookie handling with the X-Crawlera-Cookies header. If cookie handling is not disabled, Crawlera will discard the cookies and send its own instead.

Consider also using Crawlera sessions