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Can't connect GitHub organisation account


I'm trying to connect my ScrapingHub account to my GitHub account (@ltrgoddard), and then to my employer's account (@global-witness). I've follows the steps listed in the documentation, but when I get to step 2 and authorise ScrapingHub I just get redirected to the main app page and the account doesn't connect.

GitHub lists ScrapingHub as connected with all required permissions ("Full control of repository hooks", "Full control of private repositories" and "Access user email addresses (read-only)") but this isn't reflected in SrapingHub and I can't deploy any code.

Any thoughts?


Hi Louis,

Can you share screenshot of console when you authorise Scrapinghub. Also if you can share the steps that you follow, it would help in assisting you better.

Thanks for getting back to me. I'm attempting to authorise through the web interface.

The first screenshot below shows the "Code & Deploys" section of my project (with some redactions of private info). When I click the green "CONNECT TO GITHUB" button, I get redirected to the confirmation dialog in the second screenshot.

Clicking "Authorize scrapinghub" successfully authorises my account -- I get an email from GitHub confirming it and ScrapingHub is displayed on my "Authorized OAuth Apps" page on the GitHub website. But it then redirects to my account's "Overview" page on ScrapingHub and when I go back into "Code & Deploys" in the relevant project I get the first screenshot again, showing that the GitHub account isn't connected.

Any help would be much appreciated!



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