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How is it using crawlera for a website which is secured by Cloudflare?

Hello there,

I have been scraping a website with Cloudflare security system. I would like to subscribe to a plan here for Crawlera but I also saw some bad comments about Crawlera.

Since I am a student I do not want to waste my money which is not so much.

So is there anyone who had experience scraping a well secured website with Crawlera, especially protected with Cloudflare and having captchas?


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Cloudfare employs 2-3 different flavors of bot protection. Some of them can be addressed by using the `cfscrape` library -

Cloudfare also employs reCaptcha to weed out bots and in such cases you may need to use something like 2Captcha API with splash/headless chrome to get around it. However as an initial step you can use Crawlera to assess the level of protection employed by the site for requests emanating from a certain region. For example the URL when accessed from a non-US region redirects to a reCaptcha page. However the same URL can be accessed from a US based IP without having to solve the reCaptcha.

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