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Regex to disregard certain characters in an email

I need your help with extracting correct email with a regular expression in an annotation. Here is a raw HTML that I get :


</a><script>var XutJPVbvZ = ''; var XutJPVbvZ = XutJPVbvZ.split('#'); document.getElementById('XutJPVbvZ').innerHTML = XutJPVbvZ[0]+XutJPVbvZ[2]+XutJPVbvZ[1]; document.getElementById('XutJPVbvZ').href = 'mailto:'+XutJPVbvZ[0]+XutJPVbvZ[2]+XutJPVbvZ[1]; </script> </div>

 I match an email with this expression:


What I get is this:

How to make regex return an email without two # special characters in the middle of this email address?



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