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Single page, don't follow links, sample ok, no items scraped


I've created a scraper and I'm not getting any results. It's just crawling a single page so I set the single start page and "don't follow links". The sample is set and it looks good (it shows the expected count for all the fields). When I run it though, it shows 1 request made but 0 items scraped. 

This is the first scraper where I have this issue, and I don't see anything on the logs that I understand to be the root cause. Attached the log file.

Any suggestions, things I could change/look, or ideas of what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance!



With this sample there are no Extracted Items in Portia U, hence I would suggest re-creating the sample, The Beer_URL seems to be problem, Can you check if removing that field helps. 


Tried creating a fresh new sample and adding only the name field which seemed to be the easiest.

No luck though. I can't seem to be able to extract any info from the items in this page.


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